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Launched in 2021, Mystake online  casino  is not only known for its fabulous games, but also for the tempting bonuses and promotional codes it offers to all its members.  

Discover the promotions  : They are very diverse and range from welcome bonuses to bonuses on the second deposit and bonuses on Bitcoin deposits.

Focus in this article on the main bonuses or promotions that this online casino gives.

Mystake Welcome Bonuses

MyStake Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses are one of the most awarded bonuses by Mystake online casino. They are awarded to new members at the end of their registration, which only lasts a few minutes.

Please also note that the value of these bonuses is closely related to the amount that was paid out during the first deposit. They are 150% for deposits of up to 200 euros. On the other hand, for those whose amount is between 201 and 1000 euros, their bonus is 100%.

Discover the promotions

On the other hand, it is important to specify that Mystake welcome bonuses are only used to play slot machine games. They do not require any  mystake promo code. To collect your winnings, your amount must be played in full within thirty days of activation.

Bonuses on the second deposit of Mystake

As the name already suggests, these bonuses are awarded on second deposits made by punters. They are 100% on deposits whose amount varies from 20 to 500 euros.

Also, unlike welcome bonuses, second deposit bonuses must be claimed to be awarded. They are not just for slot games, but also for most of the games that Mystake offers. They must be activated manually before the start of each game. Mystake promo code.

Also, when it comes to your maximum bet, it is five euros per spin on slot machine games. Your winnings cannot be withdrawn if your amount has not been fully wagered.

Finally, the beneficiaries of these bonds also have a period of thirty days to use them at the risk of losing them permanently. They are personal and cannot be used repeatedly.

Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses

Just like  mystake bonuses  , the benefits that come from deposits made in Bitcoin are very attractive. In fact, these payments allow, in particular, to benefit from a bonus of 170% on deposits whose value varies between 20 and 600 euros. They are only awarded on the first deposits made in cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, these bonuses, which are not dependent on any  mybet promo code  , can be used to play many games (slots, live games, etc.). However, they are subject to a number of conditions. They are identical to the conditions (30-day usage period, obligation to place numerous bets, etc.) that apply to the previously studied bonuses.

Mystake Cashback Bonuses

These bonuses are meant to reward not only the most loyal members, but also players who make cryptocurrency deposits. In the latter case, they are granted to cover part of the losses suffered by these players. They are 10% of the losses recorded on cryptocurrency deposits made during a given period.

Also, once the cashback bonus amount has been calculated, it is automatically credited to the player’s account in question. It is awarded at the start of each new month, can be easily withdrawn and is not subject to any wagering requirements. In addition, its amount can be withdrawn in full, since it is not subject to any limit.

Bonuses in Dino

Bonuses in Dino are bonuses awarded in one of the mini-games that Mystake offers. These are not only very nice, but also very easy to master. As for your bonuses, they may or may not be used with a  mystake bonus  or mystake  promotions  .

Also, to benefit from these bonuses, players must make deposits of at least twenty euros in their personal account. After that, all they have to do is enter a promo code to take possession of the bonuses offered.

In addition, it is important to note that the earnings obtained through promotional codes are converted into bonuses that cannot be used unconditionally. The same goes for your withdrawal and many other things.

Finally, remember that Mystake bonus codes are created to work only once. Therefore, they are unique and cannot remain active indefinitely. Indeed, once activated, they must necessarily be used before the period beyond which they can no longer be used expires.

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